Save Land and Create a Community Garden in Jamaica, Queens, New York!

Merrick Marsden Neighbor Association of Jamaica Queens, New York approached Brooklyn Queens Land Trust of Brooklyn New York to help save a large plot of vacant land in their community that they own, but they can no longer pay the taxes on the property due to lack of funds.

In August of 2011, New York City place liens on the property for back taxes owed. The liens have been subsequently sold to a collection agency to collect the money owed on the property. If we do nothing, the lot will be sold off to the highest bidder (likely a private developer) at an upcoming auction schedule for August 1, 2013. The open space property will then be lost to the community. However, if we raise enough funds to pay the collection agency the amount owed plus interest and fees, the land will be protected and saved forever as open space, transferred to BQLT, and developed into a community garden. As a community garden, the land will bring neighbors together to grow good healthy food, create vibrant green space, and beautify the neighborhood.

Merrick Marsden Neighbors Association and BQLT have organized several workdays to show their determination to save the vacant land and to keep the lot free and clear of garbage and overgrowth. Neighborhood groups with local youth and community support are ready to start using the land and raising crops on the property for the community. BQLT has been there for the workdays and will continue to support the community group to develop the site into an open space garden. The property has now been converted to tax exempt status.

We need to raise $18,000 to pay off the final tax lien and back taxes, and to make property free and clear of taxes forever. The lien is high because of the interest and penalties being charged on the lien. We must stop the lien now or we will have to pay even more money to save the garden. Once all charges are paid off, BQLT will take ownership of the land. The land will be protect in perpetuity.

Small payments are already being paid to the lien holder to temporarily save the land from being auction off. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW to permanently save this open space for another productive, sustainable, and beautiful community garden (even small donations help)!

All donations are tax deductable (even small donations help!!!!).