Seed Sowing Workshop with Brooklyn Grange

Event Overview

Please see below for any changes to the event.

BQLT and BROOKLYN GRANGE invite you to create customized flats for your garden in this not-your-typical seed sowing workshop with KWESI JOSEPH, Urban Garden Specialist with Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Harvest New York.

DATE:  Saturday, March 25, 2023

TIME:  10am – 1pm (light refreshments will be served)

          850 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11232   MAP HERE
          Trains: D/N/R (36th Street) / R (25th Street)
          Bus: B37
          Parking: Free parking in mall
          Accessibility: Wheelchair Accessible, Elevator Access

Learn to sow seeds in a commercial greenhouse setting and leave them to grow for eight weeks while the Brooklyn Grange Farmers lovingly tend to the seedlings. This workshop is aimed at gardeners of all experience levels. Please come if you want to grow plants that are not usually found at traditional plant giveaways, local hardware stores, or nurseries. Participants are encouraged to bring (and share!) seeds, especially ancestral seeds, culturally important seeds, or seeds with a story, and we hope attendees can bring extra seeds to share with another garden. Brooklyn Grange will also supply seeds the day of.

This will be a hands-on, practical session on sowing seeds. Please bring your own gloves if possible. Space is limited so please think of your garden membership when making your sowing selections. For more information see the FAQ.


Is this workshop FREE?

Yes! This workshop has been generously funded by 1:1 Foods.

What if I can’t attend the workshop? Can I get a flat for my garden?

If you are a BQLT gardener please register and note under “Comments and Questions” that you cannot attend the workshop. Should we have extra flats we will make one for you to pick up in May.

Is this workshop for BQLT gardeners only?

BQLT gardeners will have a priority. That being said, please sign up if you are interested and we will add you to the workshop if there is room after MARCH 19. The waitlist will be filled chronologically so don’t wait to register.

What if I can’t pick up my flat on Saturday, May 21, 2023?

Remaining flats will be picked up by BQLT. However, we have limited space to transport and store them so please try to pick them up or coordinate with a neighbor garden to collect them for you. Remaining flats will be held until the June Operations Meeting at which time they will be given away first come, first served.

Who are Brooklyn Grange Farm and 1:1 Foods?

Founded in 2010, Brooklyn Grange Farm is the leading rooftop farming and intensive green roofing business in the US, operating the world’s largest rooftop soil farms, located in New York City. Brooklyn Grange promotes sustainable urban living by building green spaces, hosting educational programming and events, and widening access to locally grown produce in New York City communities.

1:1 Foods launched in May 2020 as a response to COVID and its impact on food insecurity and local small food businesses. Over time, they evolved from a meal kit company to catering & events business – always built on a social enterprise model that held community-led food justice at its core. As 2022 came to a close, it’s with deep gratitude to their community that 1:1 Foods closed its doors. Their legacy lives on, bringing this opportunity to BQLT and their gardeners with a generous grant.

What else is nearby?

SMR – 472 2nd Avenue – The Sunset Park Brooklyn Material Recovery Facility (MRF) plant is the largest commingled recycling facility in North America. SMR is the processor of 100% of the metal, glass and plastic and 50% of the paper collected by the NYC Department of Sanitation throughout the five boroughs.

Industry City – A multi-use redevelopment of Bush Terminal where the public may enjoy shopping, food, drinks, and entertainment.

Bush Terminal Park — A quiet waterfront space in the industrial section of Sunset Park. Enjoy spectacular views of the area’s tidal pools and the Bay Ridge Channel.

Huge thanks to
Brooklyn Grange Farm and 1:1 Foods for their generous donations without which this workshop would not happen!