Frequently Asked Questions

What is BQLT?
BQLT is a gardener-led, non-profit organization that was founded in 2004 to preserve open green spaces in Brooklyn and Queens.

Read BQLT’s full mission statement here and see a map of all of BQLT’s gardens here.
Who runs BQLT?
BQLT is run by a Board of Directors, the majority of whom are gardeners at BQLT gardens.

Each BQLT garden has one representative and one alternative representative, who share the responsibility of voting for BQLT’s Board of Directors at the annual meeting each spring. (Each BQLT garden gets one vote.)
How is BQLT funded?
BQLT is funded by individual donations, non-governmental grants, and city- and state-level funding.
Can BQLT gardens ever be sold?
No, BQLT gardens can never be sold. It is part of BQLT’s core mission to make sure that its gardens stay gardens in perpetuity.
What happens when an established garden joins BQLT?
In most cases, nothing will change. The gardeners will continue to run the garden as they always have. The primary agreement between BQLT and its gardens is a garden license agreement (see example here).
I know about a garden that is in danger of development. How does a garden join BQLT?
BQLT’s property management committee regularly assess new gardens interested in joining BQLT.

To start a discussion about a specific garden, please contact us.
What does BQLT do for its gardens?
Gardens benefit from BQLT support in a number of ways. BQLT provides liability insurance to all of its gardens and manages the paperwork associated with its properties (including ensuring that all non-profit paperwork is submitted and up-to-date). For gardens connected to the city water system, BQLT covers the cost of water usage.

BQLT also provides needed support to ensure that its gardens remain fully operational at all times. This may include fixing a damaged fence, removing a fallen tree, or making capital improvements to enhance a garden space.

BQLT also hosts several annual events that bring BQLT gardeners together to recognize each others’ accomplishments, share resources, and develop their skills.