Lincoln Berkeley Community Garden

Lincoln Berkeley Community Garden was founded in 1977 as a small shaded woodland retreat, a green space nestled in the busy urban environment. Over the years it has evolved to be a community hub for the residents of Park Slope. Today, the garden has matured into a small oasis of tranquility, a peaceful and restful place where you can relax, enjoy nature and escape from the daily grind. The garden has a strong membership and it’s a community hangout, with regular events, workshops and fundraisers for adults and children to enjoy. Lincoln Berkeley Community Garden has a composting program to enrich and maintain the soil of its garden, making it self sustained.
Lincoln Berkeley Community Garden’s mission statements: 
  • BACK TO NATURE. A nature garden — a tranquil, restful and peaceful place for the community to relax, enjoy nature and have a green space for family time.
  • CONNECT WITH THE COMMUNITY. A place with seasonal events and workshops.
  • BE SOCIALLY RESPONSIBLE. A developing composting program to enrich the garden soil and to make better use of food waste, in addition to grow herbs and plants for home cooking.
Special Features:
  • Raised Beds for Herbs
  • Hammock
  • Woodland path layout with secluded sitting places and a larger communal area at the rear of the garden
  • Regular community events
  • Barbecue for communal use
  • Heater for cold weather use
  • Book library
  • Garden games
  • Array of bird species visiting the garden
  • Butterfly Garden being established (Neighborhood grant awarded in May 2019)
Get Involved!
Involvement in Lincoln Berkeley Community Garden includes: attending meetings, gathering and fundraising events, to help out with garden maintenance and above all to open up the garden on a regular basis for everyone to enjoy. To become a member and for more information, please email: