BQLT’s John the Baptist Community Garden Make-over

During the 2022 season, with the help of several organizations, John the Baptist Community Garden was brought back to life.

The Green Guerillas, Pratt University’s Green Stitch student group, and an amazing group of local garden volunteers collaborated with BQLT in the renovation of John the Baptist (JTB) garden in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn in 2022. The garden had fallen into disrepair due to safety concerns surrounding a recurring sinkhole. This effort to restore a beloved community hub was only possible because of this fruitful collaboration of dedicated groups and individuals, who came to together to revitalize the garden and make it an accessible outdoor green space!       

Together, with the help of a grant through the Green Guerillas and additional funding support from Pratt University, we were able to address and backfill the sinkhole in the garden, clean up debris, and begin revitalization.

Although it’s still a work in progress, the community has already embraced the garden–now open to the public–by hosting regular gatherings and weddings! The long-term plan is to make the garden completely accessible and ADA-compliant.

BQLT is committed to supporting the growth and transformation of our 37 community gardens and truly values collaborative efforts like this to get it done!
đź’šThank youđź’š to the JTB transformation team!

Co-written by Matt Zebroski, Board and Operations Committee member (Gardener at St. Mark’s, Brooklyn), Domica Roberts (BQLT Program Mgr.), & Ashley Cruce, Board and Operations Committee member (Gardener at McIntosh Garden, Queens).

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