BQLT’s Newest Garden: Serenity Community Garden

We’re pleased to announce the acquisition of a new garden space: Serenity Community Garden. As of July 12th, 2017, the property, located on 4402 Avenue L in Flatlands, Brooklyn, belongs to BQLT as the owner, and will now be available to the community to be turned into a community garden space. This makes BQLT’s property portfolio: 35 owned and 2 leased for a total 37 garden properties that we steward. 

Garden representatives, BQLT and Councilman cut ribbon. (from left to right) Madeline Nelson, Councilman Jumaane Williams, Ruth Baez (in white skirt), Demetrice Mills; Board President (far right) and garden community with local churchgoers cutting ribbon to open Serenity to the public. 

On October 7, 2017, Serenity Community Garden officially opened its doors to the community with Councilman Jumaane Williams. Anyone who lives in the Flatlands area looking to garden can look into becoming a member! Contact Ruth Smart Baez for more info.

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